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Catering Items

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Kalua Pig with Cabbage
Smoked pork with shredded cabbage.
Full Pan $55.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Kalua Pig with No Cabbage
Like the above Kalua, except no cabbage for you purists.
Full Pan $65.00 | Half Pan $40.00

Teriyaki Chicken
Boneless, skinless marinated chicken thighs.
Full Pan $60.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Korean Style Kalbi Ribs
Beef short ribs marinated in garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce.
Full Pan $75.00 | Half Pan $45.00

Teriyaki Beef
Sliced beef rib eye steak, marinated in our own sauce.
Full Pan $65.00 | Half Pan $40.00

Roast Pork with Gravy
Remember this from when we owned the restaurant. "No bones about this choice, fresh, roasted pork sliced and served with gravy."
Full Pan $65.00 | Half Pan $40.00

Sweet and Sour Spareribs
Okay, so I do this one local style. And it's the one dish that I put pineapple in. "Oh, it's so Hawaiian."
Full Pan $60.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Fried Noodles
Japanese noodles, fried with carrots, celery, onions, and green onions, seasoned lightly and has no MSG.
Full Pan $35.00 | Half Pan $20.00

Baked Fish
Market-selected fish, baked with lemon and green onions.
Full Pan $65.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Hamburger Steak with Gravy
Beef patties served with brown gravy and onions.
Full Pan $60.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Chicken Katsu with Katsu Sauce
Japanese style deep-fried chicken with dipping sauce.
Full Pan $55.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Steamed White Rice
Da sticky kine' rice.
Full Pan $19.00 | Half Pan $12.00

Macaroni Salad
Local style, no worry? No relish.
Full Pan $30.00 | Half Pan $20.00

Teriyaki Chicken

Tossed Green Salad with Dressing
Mixed greens with a really good dressing, I mean really good!
Full Pan $20.00 | Half Pan $12.00

Chicken Long Rice
Oriental chicken noodle soup? With ginger, celery, and onions. Can be done vegetarian style too! (Not fried rice.)
Full Pan $40.00 | Half Pan $25.00

Additional Catering Items

"Musubi Alley"
Local style rice squares with your choice of meat topping:
Spam $0.95 Each
Teriyaki Beef or Chicken $1.10 Each
Portuguese Sausage $1.50 each
(Newsflash... I give price breaks at every group of 10 and I don't if you ask me to cut them... It's only fair...)

Poi (Mixed)
Mashed taro, "Polynesian mashed potatoes"
$10.00 a Bag (1 Bag = 8 Servings)

Lomi Salmon
Cured salmon with diced tomatoes, white onions, and green onions.
$8.50 a Pound

Kim Chee
Spicy cabbage, Korean style, intended as a condiment.
$4.50 a Quart

Ahi Poke
Fresh, sashimi-grade ahi mixed with sesame oil, onions, and other stuff.

Dakines Teriyaki Sauce or Dressing
Ahh.. Umm... It's our own Teriyaki Sauce or Dressing by itself...
$4.00 a Pint

Catering Rentals
Chafing Dish with Serving Utensil
10.00 Refund If Returned within 48 Hours
$15.00 Per Set

Place Settings
Set Includes Disposable plate, knife, fork, napkin, and soy sauce packet.
$1.00 Each

Labor and Delivery

Service Labor
Buffet-style service only. Tables and table-side services are not provided. Call for restrictions. $25.00 Per Hour Per Employee

No charge if utilizing service labor. Additional delivery fee may apply for breakdown. Services include setup/breakdown of chaffers, buffet line, and table decor. (Note: tables and decor not included.) $20.00 Each

Delivery Charges

  • 1–5 Miles: $10.00
  • 5.1 –19 Miles: $20.00
  • 19+ Miles: $20.00 + 1.50 Per Mile