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Owner’s Statement

Quotation MarkAloha to Everybody...

2017...What started out as a 'good year' for us could be, and was, destroyed in one day.

When my wife and I opened Dakines Plate Lunches in June of 1997 at the Promenade Mall in Pacific Beach, it was one of the most exciting times of my life. We had a young family, a new home, and the drive to make some of the most comfortable food in San Diego...and while things have changed significantly in our life, the drive to provide good comfort food at a good price still is the constant point in my life...

The landscape in San Diego has changed a little as far as trends, tastes, etc. That is all about cycles, which if you look at past years all trends go around as time goes on...'but'...'constant consistency' will always exist and that's where Dakines is. After 21 years of providing some of the best 'plate lunch' cuisine in San Diego, we're still here. I am so very grateful to our customers and am so committed to providing the same food that people are enjoying now as they did in 1997...to all of you 'thank you very much'.

Now there will be no foreseeable price increase this year as food prices have stayed pretty stable for me...so...'yay'.

And now to answer the statement about being 'destroyed'.

The absolute love of my life, Belen, passed away in her sleep on Sunday, September 10, 2017 @ 10:45 AM. Although I knew it was getting close, I chose not to acknowledge it and instead, kept going to the care facility where Belen was a resident for the last 3 years. I would make dinner or bring her something to eat that I knew she loved...'halo-halo'...I just can't get enough of her smile...

This story goes on but in conclusion...I am very heart-broken...I will miss the chills of seeing her for the first time everyday, taking care of her, kissing her, telling her how much I love her...I am lost for now...I'll make it back though. Belen would not allow me to stay like this, even if it is for her. I know that she loved me that much.

Bear with me...I'll be okay."